Unleashing the full potential of companion terminals

Syncfoni is an independent software vendor offering turnkey and end-to-end solutions to leading broadcasters and alike committed to deliver compelling user experience to their audience base.

Our cutting-edge technology enables the mass scale deployment of innovative dual-screen apps that can leverage the tight synchronization of smartphones and tablets with external audiovisual streams being watched by the user. We deliver outstanding sync accuracy, on all mobile platforms, with no impact on the original content.

Syncfoni is dedicated to help its customers bring additional value to their business by letting viewers enjoy an immersive experience as well as real time engagement with audiovisual contents.

Sync and Play

We deliver a software platform that brings companion devices the ability to be instantly turned into the platform of choice for real-time interactivity and synchronous engagement with the content being watched. Using our technology, any dual-screen app can be accurately synchronized with an external multimedia stream consumed by the user.


Our solution enables broadcasters, content producers, network operators and service providers to deploy innovative and value-added applications in a multi-screen environment. Apps powered by our groundbreaking technology can easily become aware of the progression of the show aired on TV, and subsequently let viewers play along popular TV games, listen to additional (multlingual) audio tracks, enjoy content enrichment or gain access to contextual information relating to the current scene.


Synchronizing companion devices with movies being displayed in theaters allows cinema exhibitors to offer enhanced accessibility to hearing and visually impaired viewers. Subsequently to the synchronization process, audio tracks dedicated to these categories of viewers are streamed over Wifi to the viewers' smartphones and rendered at the headphones at points of time strictly aligned with the display of related pictures on the screen.


Massive open online courses (MOOC) transmitted over the Internet may leverage the synchronization paradigm to provide students with extra educational materials along with the progression of the course. The ability to timely deliver on tablets additional data allows to implement novel teaching methods building upon enhanced learner's engagement with the course, as well as to offer different categories of users a tailored level of explanations and details.

Best-of-class sync

Syncfoni's patented service architecture features powerful algorithms, purposely designed to bring best-of-breed synchronization accuracy, down to the millisecond timescale. This lip sync paradigm allows for a wide range of companion apps, and offers the highest quality of experience to viewers.

Synchronization with audiovisual contents builds upon the analysis of the content's original sound track as recorded by the user's terminal. To this end, the device's surrounding sound environment is recorded during a couple of seconds and corresponding audio data is therefater transmitted to a dedicated back-end server. Upon receipt of the record, audio processing algorithms run in the server can accurately pinpoint the location of the transmitted audio sequence within the content being watched. This process leaves the original stream untouched.

Once synchronization is achieved, monitoring the surrounding sound is no longer necessary. This one-off sync process prevents any battery drain and enables the consumption of companion data in the terminal irrespective of any noise disturbance that may subsequently occur in the surrounding sound environment.

Our solution enables any third-party app to become aware of the progression of the content through the integration of our sync client SDK provided with well documented guidelines and APIs. On the infrastructure side, sync servers are either deployed on-premise or on the Cloud, in case greater scalability and enhanced service availability is to be achieved.

With algorithms run on the server side, our architecture caters for the seamless upgrade of the synchronization functionality, without the need to update a large number of apps deployed in the field.


June 21th, 2013 - Media4D - Paris, France
Jacques Sagné, CEO of Syncfoni, invited speaker at the Media4D conference

June 19th, 2013 - ICT Spring Europe - Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
Exhibitor at ICT Spring Europe 2013

May 30th, 2013 - MOUVES - Paris, France
Jacques Sagné, CEO of Syncfoni, invited speaker at the MOUVES Grand Final organized in Paris

April 8th-11th, 2013 - Cannes, France
Exhibitor at MIPTV 2013

January 8th-11th, 2013 - CES - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Exhibitor at CES 2013

September 7-11th, 2012 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Exhibitor at IBC 2012

November 28th-30th, 2011 - TF1 - Boulogne-Billancourt, France
Exhibitor at the Innovation Days 2011 (Journées de l'Innovation 2011)

Innovation in our genes

Founded in 2009, Syncfoni provides the media and entertainment industries with a state-of-the-art software platform dedicated to the synchronization of companion devices. Our solutions enable the deployment of innovative interactive applications that build upon the timely consumption of interactive metadata within tablets and smartphones.

Our international team of seasoned professionals has extensive experience in bringing to the market innovative multimedia services as well as working with global leading companies operating worldwide.

Syncfoni is a privately-held company headquartered in Paris, France.

You want to be part of our fast-growing team?

At Syncfoni we are constantly looking for talented professionals who value team work, creativity and have a passion for innovation and excellence.

Please send us your cover letter and curriculum vitae (preferably in pdf format) at jobs@Syncfoni.com


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